Jim Ferras Pshehalouk Business Career

"When you have a goal
You must let nothing stand in your way of achieving it
You must pay any price for success
Because an honorable failure is of no use to anyone "

Last 30 Year in Various Businesses

  • 94-98  Secure America Corp.
    Started my first Direct Sales company in the home alarm business.  Became the 8th largest alarm company in US within 3 years with over 12,000 reps and $10 million in annual revenue.  Sold company in August 98 to focus on new internet venture (Rbid.com).

  • Learned the internet wave from bedroom and started RBID.com (online shopping & auction site) in 99.   Drove sales revenue to over $500k a month and became publicly trading on NASDAQ.  Established company value to over $120 million then sold my interest to German group in Feb 2002.

  • AdCalls Inc.
    Came out of retirement to start an online advertising and media company using VOIP free world-wide calling.  After re-programming and heavily investing in becoming a global VOIP carrier, launched AdCalls as an advertising company utilizing free online calling similar to Skype type PC dialer. sales to over $800k a month adding thousands of adverting businesses and millions of online users.
    With the advancements being made in mobile (Cell) technology, we re-invested heavily and re-tool our systems to focus on the new and now fast growing mobile text message advertising.  Recently changed the  company name to SkyAds to properly fit the new mobile media platform.

  • Rlief LLC
    In 2014, I started a new companies called Rlief LLC (www.Rlief.com) from a personl healing experiance from a previous soccer injury with an amazing product. Rlief LLC is an all natural and organic pain relief cream ideal for relieving pain from joints, back, neck shoulder, arthritis and sports related injuries.  For over 23 years, Rlief has been the chosen product for Eastern Europe’s top elite sports teams and world class athletes. I secured the worldwide rights to this incredible product and opened a pharmaceutical grade manufacturing plant to make our Rlief pain cream for world distribution.
    From 2014 to 2016, Rlief sold over 250,000 jars of its "Miracle" pain relief product without a single product return from any customer evern with a full 30 day 100% money back gurantee with empty jar.
    In 2016, had to temporarly shut down the Rlief worldwide sales due to sanctions placed on Russis for political issues. In June 2017, I moved our entire manufacturing operations from Russia to Israiel/Jordan and started to import Rlief for worldwide distribution. Rlief is currenlly selling well in USA and Mexico as well as retail online website.

  • NUmedia Global Inc. (www.1numedia.com)
    Founded NUmedia as an alternative choice to the high price Cable TV media in the USA.
    After several years of R&D, NUmedia was launched in July 2017 in Nevada and quickly grew to all 50 States. With thousands of happy and satisfied customers, NUmedia is quickly becoming a major player in the home HDTV media entertainment business.
    NUmedia is now poised to open new international markets including South Amercia, EU, Asia and Africa
    with a goal to bring on-board over 1 million subscribers by end of 2021.

    "The joy in life is the journey, the payoff reward is just a trophy on the mantel"
    Jim Ferras